People got excited when they saw a fish which can easily walk like humans. At first they thought that it isn’t fish and they assumed it as something else but when they saw closely they realized that its nothing but a walking fish. This type of fish has never been seen before. Fish has been found in northern side of Thailand. Thailand is one of the few countries like Dubai whose economy is totally depends on tourism sector.

People from different countries visit Thailand to spend their vacation. Thailand is to be considered as one of the cheapest tourist destination after Dubai. Thailand is famous fro different reasons. Some of them are their street food, their fabulous luxury hotels, Cheap Auto Insurance in VA, Royalty Free Images Stock, their prettiest pink lakes, their beach football is something you can never get such entertain in any part of the world, their many Buddha’s people from Buddhism religion visit Thailand to worship their gods, Thailand’s monkeys are to be considered as the worlds cheekiest monkeys, and now this kind of fish which is shown in the video is also found in the Thailand which will attract more tourist from more countries.

It will also give boost to their economy. Thailand government has already asked to the authorities that take good care of the fish as it will be beneficial for country. Authorities have bought this fish from locals who caught this walking fish in good amount and have shifted that walking fish into a museum. King of Thailand has also announced a reward for locals who caught this Walking fish around and informed to the authorities. Some Muslim scholars believe that science have nothing to do with such creation. Only ALLAH has the power to create such unique creation. And up to some extent local have agreed to this statement.