“Kashmir Martyrs’ Day” on July 13, every year Video

On 13th July 1931, thousands of people thronged the central jail Srinagar to witness the in-camera trial of Abdul Qadeer. At Zuhar time, one of the youth stood up and started reciting “Azan’ for Zuhar prayer. He was killed by Dogra soldiers, next youth started the ‘Azan’ where it was left by the martyred youth. He was also killed and in process of completing the ‘Azan’ where it was left by the martyred youth. He was also killed and in process of completing the ‘Azan’ 21 youth were killed on after the other.

This incident of brute killings is a black chapter in the history of Dogra regime. The people carried the dead and the injured with them, formed a procession and paraded the highways and streets of Srinagar, chanting slogans against Dogra brutalities. Complete strike was observed in the city, which was followed by weeklong mourning. This incident shook the whole state and the traffic from Srinagar to Rawalpindi and Srinagar to Jammu came to an halt from 13th to 26th July. Since then, the day is observed as Kashmir Martyr’s Day.

It was the result of the above episode that Kashmiri leadership realized the need to form a political party i.e. Muslims Conference (MC) with a view to wage struggle for their freedom. Later in 1934, States first elections were held and Muslim Conference won 16 out of 21 seats and after two years in 1936 it succeeded in getting 19 out of 21 seats. Indian Congress was upset with this result and tried to create division in the ranks of Kashmiri leadership. On 19 July 1947, MC after considering geographical proximity, majority of Muslim population (80%) religion language and cultural relations, passed resolution to merge Kashmir with Pakistan.

It’s heart-moving to observe that despite a period of 85 years, the Kashmiris are still struggling and sacrificing to achieve their alienable right under UN resolutions for the plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir Valley is one of the most heavily militarized regions in the world with 7 Lakh armed security forces, who indulge in indiscriminate killings forced disappearances, rapes and maiming innocent youth and women.
The data on atrocities by Indian security forces from January 1989 to 2012 and is as under.
From January 1989 to December 2012
(1) Total Killings – 93831
(2) Custodial Killings – 6996
(3) Arrests – 120506
(4) Structures destroyed / damaged – 105977
(5) Women Widowed – 22764
(6) Children orphaned – 107441
(7) Women gang-raped/molested – 10044