Man Gives Birth to One child in Hospital

Will this society accept my child or not? I started to think about my child. I called my parents and told them everything I was going through. They supported me through every thin and thick and what so ever I am or how much confident I am today is al because of my parents. They gave me courage and said that there would be betterment in this and you’re being selected for this betterment by god.

You need not to worry about these things are done and managed by god. So if you haven’t done anything wrong you need not to worry about anything. We are with you and will always support you .we know that you haven’t done anything wrong. These are the words from my parents which gave me the confidence and I stood firmly for this. If they had not supported me this I would have never been accepted this and would have asked doctors to abort the child. But abortion is sin too. I had no motivation at that time and I did not want to kill the child who has never seen this world. So I accepted this bitter reality and asked doctors to treat me the way you treat women in normal delivery. I did bear all the pains yet I dint lose any hope. I had strong believed in myself that I can do this.

I had strong believed in god that what so ever would happen will happen for a good. And today everything is in front of you I am father and mother of a child who I was asked to abort. I will look after him my parents are there to take care of this beautiful creature. I just want to give you message through this platform that nothing is useless. Everything is useful you just need to take that one good thing and you will start loving that thing.