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Nowadays in this moern world india is to be considered as one of the largest democracy and secular country around the world. Despite being advanced in many other fields india still lacks respect for women. Womens still got raped publicaly. And I blame bollywood for all this chaos because they are the onewho promote vulgarity in youth.In Gujarat, Indian PM Modi’s home state, the sex ratio is 112 to 100.

Economists and sociologists call this the Bare Branches phenomenon, a result of female feticide over a very long period of time. It is an issue that India shares with its massive neighbor, China, where boy babies are also culturally preferred over girls. Independent studies out of MIT and Columbia University have postulated that these Bare Branches—males with a snowball’s chance in hell of finding a female companion—threaten domestic stability and international security.
And yet, the surplus of males in China doesn’t appear to be leading to a rape crisis there. In fact, research has found that while China has seen an uptick in general violence due to the Bare Branches, they actually tend to behave gently around women. No such correlation was found in India.

A simple answer points to the Indian caste system. There is an expression in India that “bringing up a daughter is like watering a neighbor’s plant.” India places women lower than men. There is a total and complete disrespect for women in Indian religious scriptures. The Mahabharata states there is no creature more sinful, than woman. She is poison, she is snake. Other texts say that “Women are living lies. Now to begin with, Bare Branches are predisposed to violence but in the absence of any respect for women, this violence comes without remorse and becomes unhinged. This is precisely what we are seeing today. The caste system explains the violence against women in India, but to understand the inordinately high number of rapes in India, one needs to dig deeper for answers.